Saturday, May 1, 2010

Construction Continues!

Well, despite the wind and threatening clouds we tore off about half of the roof from the Creamery building today. Pretty exciting stuff! Now a construction company will come in and rebuild that side of the roof. Earlier this week we poured cement in what will be the bathroom and side entry, on the other side of the building. Everything's framed up on that side, ready to put up walls in order to divide up the rooms.

The outfitting/storage building is coming along nicely. There are tons of boats in there so now it's just a matter of organizing all of them as well as all of the other outfitting gear including paddles, packs, lifejackets, vehicle carrying systems, portage yokes, CWOC logo gear, maps, the list goes on and on... we're getting TONS of calls which is awesome.

What's more exciting is that we've set a date for the grand opening! Mark your calendars for June 19 & 20. It'll be a weekend full of fun stuff - activities, giveaways, demos and the like. Just kidding! There has been some unexpected delays and so we're postponing our grand opening until later in the summer. Be sure to watch the website, this blog and facebook for the dates and details!

Here's a couple pics and video from today's work on the roof:

(don't worry - the walls stayed in tact!) :)

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  1. Love the video! Glad to see Dan keeping his noggin safe with that helmet! :)

    Your fan,